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An award winning UNLOCKING OUR POTENTIAL® Personal and ProfessionalClick to see full size. Use BACK to return to this page. Development software program. 


This “access anytime” information can be utilized at all levels of your organization – or individually as a self-improvement program. 


As a Leadership Training Program, it is ideally suited for Executive Coaching, an in-house training program, creating a common language and business base throughout a company, or for personal development initiatives.


The Unlocking Our Potential® course covers these 22 timely,

relevant topics:


The Learning Process: Execution from the "I want" - to the "I believe" - to the "I expect".

Decision Making: Problem Solving: Managing four steps in the process.

The Thought Process: Controlling "As We Think So We Are" to impact performance.

Attitude Development: Understanding three key dimensions and how they regulate achievement.

Comfort Zone Psychology: Recognizing tension & learning how to control it.

Self Talk Cycle: One of the keys to modifying behavior.

The Unlocking Process: Using the tools to modify behavior and results.

Managing Change: Five phases and seven guidelines to proactively manage change.

Our Personal Profile System: Identifying and learning how to work with our strengths, weakness and styles. This is an important component in our Similarity Training® program. If your Diversity Training program has not fulfilled your expectations, you'll want to learn about Similarity Training®.

Motivating Ourselves and Others: Understanding and responding to our basic needs and hot buttons.

Self Esteem and Creativity: Integrating 17 winning thought patterns.

Goal Setting and Achieving: Converting dreams to realities.

Management: Applying the 5 skill sets to our daily lives.

Managing Stress: Identifying causes and choices to keeping stress under control.

Relaxation: Understanding and mastering a relaxation response for better performance.

Managing Time: Taking the 6 essentials and making them a habit.

Communication: Overcoming barriers and improving our skills.

Leadership: Proven criteria for influencing others effectively.

Training: Coaching, motivating and mentoring with positive results and reduced time.

Memory and Concentration: Focusing attention and specific skills.

Team Building: Simplifying and leveraging necessary ingredients.

Achieving Our Full Potential: Mastering the basic developmental stages of full maturity.

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