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Meet Dr. Bill Meyer
Golf Profile

            Bill Meyer is a member of the National Speaker's Association

Golf and Business Programs
Business Professionals everywhere are using the game and social experience to entertain, to conduct business and to reward key performers.

Dr. Bill Meyer can coach your group into increased success and fun on the course or off.  He combines time proven personal development and sports psychology techniques to entertain your clients or to increase the skills of your own employees.

Keynote Speeches - on success principles in business and/or golf.

Company Meetings and Company Outings - a morning business classroom experience, followed by afternoon golf to cement the concepts and get that "aha" awareness.

  • The success connections
  • Metaphors, analogies and techniques to create better results
  • Applying the advanced principles of achievement to your unique situations
  • How peak performance can become a reality
  • How and why business and sports styles are inter-related
  • Cross-over strategies for maximizing success
The Mental Side of Golf

  • Understanding and balancing the 5 athletic areas
  • What the phrase “90% mental” really means
  • How to beat the jitters
  • Maintaining your “competitive edge”
  • What to think about in pressure situations
  • Preparing mentally for the big match
  • Reacting to mistakes, bad days and slumps
  • How to avoid letting “ruts” become “comfort zones”
  • How to achieve more consistency and more enjoyment
  • Concentration and relaxation techniques
Individual Golf Coaching for the serious golfer

This program includes assessing and tailoring a specialized skills development and action plan for best golf practices.  It is for the serious golfer who is committed and passionate about reaching his potential level of play.
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