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Obviously today’s business climate is very challenging, and yet can be most rewarding.  Addressing the complexities, clarifying the vision, developing unique strategies, and creating the right processes and products with the right people is the new game.

Bill Meyer can be helpful to you.   As a student, teacher, trainer, consultant, manager and coach, Bill has tested many concepts and techniques, and believes that most people truly want to be more effective, efficient and creative - and that once given the right information, support and training, everyone can reach more of their personal and career potential.



  • Understanding the 5 stages of the change process

  • Predicting people’s reactions to change

  • Anticipating stress loads and using 3 steps to reduce them

  • Equipping individuals to deal with change effectively

  • Making change an asset (or a disaster)



  • How to successfully influence the behavior of an individual or group

  • Identifying four major leadership styles and their strengths

  • Identifying our basic styles, their strengths and their blind spots

  • Understanding other people’s needs and knowing how to adjust

  • Negotiating styles and performance objectives



  • The five skills all effective managers have in common

  • How we manage the process or it manages us

  • Identifying each management activity and knowing where it fits

  • Specific techniques of development for each management skill

  • Recharging old managers and training new ones


TEAM BUILDING                         

  • The pyramid of effective teams

  • Establishing a common language base

  • Identifying personal and team profiles

  • Developing a common mission and strategic goals

  • Trust building and conflict resolution skills

  • Knowing how to manage change – together


SALES STRATEGIES                    

  • Understanding in depth the eight P’s of marketing

  • The three essentials of any sales process

  • Preparing the “seller to sell” and the “buyer to buy”

  • Developing a sales “philosophy” and attitude

  • Building on the basic skills


TIME MANAGEMENT                

  • Understanding what the experts have told us about the 80/20 principle

  • Identifying our greatest barriers and time wasters

  • The 6 most important guidelines of effectiveness

  • How our energy and our time relate

  • Making time management principles a habit

  • How good time management becomes good self management


PSYCHOLOGICAL FOUNDATION                       

  • The practical and universal premise: “As we think, so we are”

  • How attitudes, self images and comfort zones are structure

  • The four solid steps to improving our memory

  • How and why people make the decisions they do

  • Controlling the self-fulfilling (or “Sure-Enuf”) prophecy


SELF ESTEEM                               

  • Why self esteem is so important

  • How self esteem the great predictor of human achievement

  • The 17 thought patterns of sound self-esteem

  • Techniques in developing individual and group self esteem

  • Guiding others in increasing their feeling of self esteem

  • The difference between self image and self esteem



  • What it is and what it is not

  • How to sustain it once we have it

  • The 5 basic needs and how these fit our specific environment

  • The art of turning “have to’s” into “want to’s”

  • Creating a positive motivational climate



  • “We cannot not communicate” – what this really means

  • Identifying and overcoming communication’s 2 biggest barriers

  • The 5 steps to assure good communication

  • How to resolve conflicts through successful negotiating

  • The science of people reading

  • Professional public speaking skills


PRESENTATION SKILLS                     

  • Reading your audience

  • Preparing yourself and your message

  • Mastering the “30 seconds” of Power Phrases

  • The nine essentials of a great story

  • The do's and don'ts of connection with your audience


GOAL SETTING                            

  • The importance and purpose of the goal setting process

  • Two important governors before the process starts

  • Overcoming the 10 psychological considerations on how to set goals

  • Value clarification and how values fit into the process

  • Long range dreams – vs. – short range objectives



  • The process of converting dreams into realities

  • Three essential tools for making things happen

  • The art of visualization and how its magic is so practical

  • The psychology of winners and non-winners

  • Expanding “comfort zones” and self images



  • Understanding where stress comes from and what causes it

  • Identifying the stresses and stressors in our lives

  • Knowing what we can change and what we can’t change “yet”

  • A 5 step relaxation technique and how to take “minute vacations”

  • The 7 steps in the change process and knowing where we are

  • How to manage change and make stress a positive experience



  • Team and corporate assessments with individual plots available

  • Utilizing new tools and approaches for the implementation of

  • Cultural Transformation

  • Creating an ethics and values consciousness at the individual, organizational and social level

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